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Contesting Console for 2 Person POTA

Check out this wonderful blog post by W0DHZ, Dale, showing how he built an HHI Contesting Console, HHI Radio Pro, and two HHI User Pros into a portable setup for use as a 2-person POTA rig.

I mean, just look at this beautiful build!

Dale’s blog post includes the STL files for the 3D printed case to hold the Radio Pro and Contesting Console together.

Thank you so much, Dale, for sharing your experience and build with us!

Cheers, 73 de N6MTS

2 thoughts on “Contesting Console for 2 Person POTA”

  1. I love the idea of a contesting console for an operator and logger/trainee and even had a design down on paper for our group but now I can just buy one from @mark. One thing is driving me a little crazy, what's the thought process for the mirrored control knobs? I know that this would trip most of our operators up. Radio volume on the right most knob for one operator but change positions and the radio volume is now on the left most knob.

  2. The thought is that the Console would sit on the table between the two operators. You’re likely to want to adjust the Radio knob the most, and the Intercom the next most, so I put those two knobs closest to the operators where they are easiest to operate.

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