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WE HAVE QUESO– err, i mean QSO!

(I blame Alun for the cheesy Queso joke.) The first successful satellite QSOs made with SOAR prototype hardware happened this morning on the ~17:30 UTC pass of AO-91 over South Western US. Patrick Stoddard WD9EWK worked W7JSD in southern Arizona, N6UTC in Long Beach, California, and XE2BHL in Tijuana. I haven’t implemented pass audio recording in SOAR yet (it will… Read More »WE HAVE QUESO– err, i mean QSO!

SOAR Headset Connector

I’ve had several questions about what additional hardware you’ll need to provide for SOAR. One of those “additional hardware you’ll need to provide” is a headset. Lots of people have very strong opinions on headsets, and that’s ok. There are a lot of good options available, and they all optimize for different variables. One headset may be better for your… Read More »SOAR Headset Connector

AO-7 Appreciation

(Originally posted to Twitter.) AO-7 (or AMSAT OSCAR 7), an amateur radio satellite we can still (again?) use today, was launched in 1974. I saw this magazine with an article on that launch at a local ham fest and had to buy it. I got it for half price! 😉 AO-7 has an interesting history, covered in detail in its… Read More »AO-7 Appreciation

Website is ALMOST ready!

We’re getting very close to launching the website. I’m writing this post before it launches, as much to test things as for any other reason. But…