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Power handling of BCI Filter for VHF/UHF

I just launched the Halibut Electronics Broadcast Interference (BCI) Filter for VHF/UHF. It’s designed to prevent strong AM broadcast signals from blowing out the front-end of wide band receivers that have little or no pre-selection, such as inexpensive SDRs. There are many BCI filters availble, but all the ones I could find were designed for HF, and performed very poorly… Read More »Power handling of BCI Filter for VHF/UHF

Mastodon and Fediverse

Recent events (around November 2022; I won’t cover it here, look it up yourself please) have a lot of people leaving Twitter and looking for an alternative. I (Mark and Halibut Electronics) have chosen Mastodon and the Fediverse as our new Social Media Platform of choice. This means I will no longer be posting on Twitter. If you’re interested in… Read More »Mastodon and Fediverse